Creator or critic?

Legions of critics are weighing in on Kate Middleton’s portrait.

It’s easy to be a critic. It can be fun. You’ve got Twitter, Why not pile on?

The artist, Paul Emsley, had to create the painting and unveil it to the world. He had to do the work and take the risk. Most of the critics have probably never painted anything since grade school. Most have never met the Duchess of Cambridge, either, yet believe they are experts on her likeness.

To be a good critic, however, is not easy. You need to bring a level of experience and expertise to the table and demonstrate it with a carefully constructed critique. It’s easy to rate a film online. Click, there you’re done. It’s not so easy to sit down and write a review like Ebert does and make a living at it.

But most critics don’t approach critiquing as a craft.

There are plenty of tools available to you. So today will you criticize, or create?