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The election is in the rear-view mirror, but for some forward-looking people today is Day 1, not of a new presidential term, but of a new campaign.

While pundits, talking heads and bloggers dissect and debate what went “wrong” or “right” with the Obama-Romney campaign there are those already at work drawing up their four-year action plans in secret.

Potential candidates from both parties–and their strategists–now have designs on the Oval Office. By starting now, these individuals have a powerful force behind them; they know exactly what job they want in 2016 (either to be POTUS or work for him). Like Aesop’s tortoise, they’ve already begun the race.

You deserve to think boldly, too, and to take control of the only thing you can, your own personal destiny. Ask yourself, where do you want to be in 2016? Write it down where you can see it, and get started today.