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Game over

Around 15 players in the NFL get the lion’s share of endorsement deals and lottery-style paychecks. The other 1,600 players score six figure salaries, but their average career is only three years.

That means most NFL players need to adapt and learn how to do something different when the time comes. They need to be prepared for uncertainty as fate can knock them out of the game at any time. They need to have a financial plan for when the paycheck stops.

Wow, just like you.

What’s your Monday vibe?

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Commercial “Get in, get happy,” is a fun start-of-the-week pick me up. While you may not have an enthusiastic Minnesotan with a Caribbean accent in your office, you probably have some of the negative-minded folks depicted. Hey, complaining is easy to do.

So what vibe will you bring to work?

Why hate Mondays?