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Smartphone zombies

Look around and you will see you co-exist with legions of smartphone zombies. In meetings, restaurants and bars, their eyes are sunk into the small screens. They even jeopardize their own well being by texting while driving or jaywalking.

Aside from the risk to life and limb, smartphone zombies miss out on networking opportunities by signaling that they’re too busy to talk. They miss out on opportunities to hone their powers of observation. And, seduced by a glowing screen, they even miss out on the powerful perspective granted by the grandeur of the night sky.

They go through their day thinking they’re keeping on top of it all but they actually spend much of their time oblivious. This is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to put your phone away and consciously make an effort to become fully engaged in your surroundings. While others text mindless drivel you can shake hands and introduce yourself to people and ask open ended questions that signal your interest. You can be present, aware, and in the moment.

It’s a way to differentiate yourself and you can start right now.

Go talk to someone and tell them I sent you.