There’s always another path

Genevieve Kurilec is a lobsterman in Maine. In this interesting NPR profile much is made of what life is like for a woman in this largely male occupation. But also in the story is an interesting nugget—that Ms. Kurilec originally wanted to be a marine biologist.

Marine biologists and lobstermen share similarities and interests. Both work on the water and must be students of the sea and its denizens in order to catch lobsters and preserve their numbers. Part of career resourcefulness involves being open to discovering jobs you might not think of. What interests and abilities do you have that are transferable to other jobs? Hospitals don’t only hire healthcare professionals, they need accountants. Accounting firms hire multimedia experts. Law enforcement agencies employ computer technicians and mechanics. The postal service hires attorneys.

Try brainstorming a list of organizations that hire people who can do what you do. Also, cast a wider net and think of other jobs that might be related to your interests. In order to find what you’re looking forsometimes you need to lose sight of the shore.